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Project Management and
Consultancy Services

TaleArchitects Team, which has been providing a wide range of services to Global Business Partners in the fields of Architectural Consulting, Project Management, Fit-Out Pilotage Services with its shopping mall and retail chain consultancy experience for more than 10 years, is a well-known consulting firm in the industry with its Know-How and Innovative Software Infrastructure.


TaleArchitects offers Architectural Consultancy services with an understanding that preserves the collaborative nature of its practice by undertaking a large number of projects for a long-standing clients.

Project Management

TaleArchitects has extensive design and implementation experience in Restaurant, Store and Office Design and Fit-Out, where it will showcase its talents to wider audiences with a functional solutions.

Brand Design

TaleArchitects team frequently takes a part in contemporary projects of well-established brands for new customers, and designs spaces to strengthen the brand identity with goal-oriented design principles.

Renovation Services

TaleArchitects offers the right solutions by combining the problem-solving skills and design knowledge and experience in shaping the transformation of outdated and dysfunctional Shopping Malls.

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